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Have you or a loved one worked in an industry where you were required to use the pesticide Roundup? Roundup contains the weed-killing chemical glyphosate, which has recently been linked to diseases such as non-Hodgkin lymphoma (NHL), myeloma, leukemia, and other forms of cancer. If you have been diagnosed with cancer and you think that Roundup exposure could be the cause, we want to speak to you. It’s our job to fight for the rights of people who’ve been hurt by dangerous products. We work hard to get you the full and fair compensation you deserve.

Roundup is used widely in agriculture, gardening, and landscaping because it’s a hugely effective weed killer. However, it was not supposed to be harmful to people. By some estimates, over 18 billion pounds of glyphosate been applied worldwide since its introduction in 1974.

The Driscoll Firm handles complex product liability cases and large consumer class action cases. Much of the litigation we handle involves large corporations who have hidden the dangers of their products. If you think you have developed cancer due to exposure to Roundup, either in your job or elsewhere, we would like to talk to you. We offer a free consultation to determine if you have a case and to discuss how we should proceed with a winning legal strategy. We have recovered over $650 million for our clients since 2014. Call us today at 800-900-7704 to set up a consultation.

If we take your case, we won’t charge you a retainer or fees. We charge on a contingency basis, which means we get our fee when we win your case in court.


Since its introduction in 1974, Roundup has been used extensively throughout the United States to kill weeds in gardens and crops of all types. And Roundup use has seen a huge increase in recent years. The U.S. Geological Survey has estimated that the use of glyphosate on U.S. crops increased from 13.9 million pounds in 1992 to 287 million pounds in 2016.

In Virginia, the agricultural sector contributes nearly $70 billion to the economy and generates more than 334,000 jobs. The states’s agricultural production ranks among the top ten in the nation, especially in tobacco, apples, grapes, peanuts, and tomatoes. In Virginia, and across the United States, Roundup is widely used to kill hard-to-control weeds, especially in pastures and gardens.

Roundup is widely used by many home gardeners and commercial landscapers to kill weeds and grasses such as dandelions, crabgrass, Bermuda grass, grounsel, poison ivy, poison oak, and more. Family farmers and corporate farmers alike have used Roundup extensively for decades to kill weeds like pigweed that invade their fields and reduce their crop yields. For example, Roundup is used on grapes, hay, cotton, sunflowers, potatoes, cereals like barley, oats, and rye, and legumes such as soybeans, garbonzo beans, and lentils. Roundup is used on crops that contribute immensely to the Virginia economy, including cotton, soybeans, hay, wheat, and peanuts.

With such widespread use of Roundup, it’s no surprise that many breakfast cereals contain trace amounts of the weed killer. However, despite the dangers, many corporate farms continue to use the herbicide, exposing agricultural workers to the risk of toxic levels of the chemical.


Roundup’s active ingredient is glyphosate. Since its introduction in 1974, Roundup has become one of the most commonly used agricultural chemicals in the world. Its use has grown tenfold since the 1990s, when Monsanto introduced genetically modified corn, soybean, and cotton seeds that could withstand the weed killer.Farmers paired genetically modified crops with Roundup, and this allowed them to kill the plants they didn’t want without killing the crop plants they did want. This plan made Monsanto even more money, because now they could sell Roundup as well as the seeds for the Roundup-resistant plants. The popularity of Roundup encouraged other companies to create and sell glyphosate-containing herbicides. By 2007, the University of Nebraska’s Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources noted more than 40 generic glyphosate-containing products on the market. And glyphosate use shows little signs of slowing.

In 2015, the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), which is funded by the World Health Organization (WHO), determined glyphosate to be a 2-A carcinogen. This category means that the chemical probably causes cancer in humans. Glyphosate kills weeds by creating an amino acid deficiency, disrupting organisms on a cellular level. In humans, it can potentially act the same way in the gut, causing NHL and other cancers in addition to metabolic disorders such as celiac disease.

How are humans exposed to glyphosate? You might get it on your skin or eyes while using it. You might breathe some into your lungs while spraying it, or get it into your digestive system if you eat after applying it without washing your hands first.

Despite research by IARC and other scientists, Monsanto continues to insist that Roundup is safe for humans. Documents uncovered in recent lawsuits show that the company knew of the harmful effects of its money-making herbicide. They sought to hide this information from the public, even to the point of influencing the scientific literature to show that Roundup was not harmful.


If you are a Virginia resident who has been diagnosed with non-Hodgkin lymphoma after significant exposure to Roundup, we want to help you recover damages for your injuries. Our firm has extensive experience with product liability cases in Virginia and across the United States. We are experienced attorneys who can provide you with the legal insight and research necessary to go up against large corporations. We have the resources to gather evidence and depose the executives involved with manufacturing and marketing Roundup. We will also take care of all communications and negotiations with the other side.

Don’t suffer alone! Non-Hodgkin lymphoma is a serious form of cancer that can lead to death. If you were exposed to Roundup in your job or elsewhere, we want to get you the justice you deserve. The chemical companies will fight very hard to deny liability for their cancer-causing product. You need someone on your side who will fight hard for you.


Companies that produce products for commercial and consumer use have a responsibility to test them for harmful side effects. They have a duty to warn consumers or stop making the product if they discover that an ingredient could cause serious harm after use. When companies put profits ahead of consumer safety, they can and should be held legally accountable if the consumer becomes ill as a result.

Our firm would seek full and fair compensation on your behalf if you developed cancer after using Roundup. Every case is different, but you could be owed damages that cover payment for:

  • Medical bills, both current and future
  • Lost wages, if you missed work due to your illness
  • Loss of future income and earnings
  • Costs to travel to appointments and treatment
  • Pain, suffering, and mental anguish

In some circumstances, some people could be able to collect punitive damages from the company responsible for their illness. Be sure to contact an experienced Virginia Roundup cancer lawyer like those at The Driscoll Firm, LLCto discuss the specific types of compensation for which you may be eligible.


Over 8000 lawsuits have been filed against Monsanto/Bayer alleging damages due to Roundup exposure, and more are being filed every day. In the last few years alone, courts have awarded billions of dollars in damages to people who have illnesses they blame on exposure to this harmful product. There are more people just like you who deserve justice and compensation.

Our firm is currently evaluating cases for possible litigation. We carefully assess every case to determine whether it is eligible for filing a lawsuit and how would be the best way to obtain damages and compensation for injuries suffered. This analysis is one of the most critical steps in a successful product liability lawsuit. We will assemble all the available information regarding your exposure to Roundup to make help you decide whether to pursue a legal remedy.

The Driscoll Firm, LLCwill give you and your Virginia Roundup lawsuit personalized attention. We will be available to you throughout the process so you always know the status of your case. By collaborating with scientists and healthcare providers, we keep up to date on all the latest research about Roundup’s connections to illnesses. We will develop and file a solid case that is likely to result in fair compensation for you and your family. Then we will begin the process of negotiating with the lawyers of the insurance companies and the chemical companies who are responsible for your illness. If the defendants do not offer a fair and reasonable settlement for damages, we will represent you in court.

If you have suffered from illness and injury, you may feel overwhelmed with all the changes this has caused in your life. You may be wary of undertaking a product liability claim against huge chemical company with all kinds of resources. However, the civil litigation system is set up for people like you. You can tell your side of the story and convince others that you should be compensated for your pain and suffering. We are here to lead you through this complex process. We will with you every step of the way.


The Driscoll Firm, LLC has a long and successful track record of winning for our clients the justice they deserve. Call our compassionate Roundup cancer lawsuit attorneys today at 800-900-7704 to set up a free consultation and find out how we can help you.


They called me and my aging father with updates every few weeks. We were part of a class action – they told us upfront that this can take several years to settle. My father and I both appreciated the personal service we received at the Driscoll Firm. Our settlement was more than we ever hoped for, and my father can live out the rest of his days in comfort – thank you Driscoll Firm!

- Ethan T.

My husband and I were skeptical because my mother had already been promised the world by another law firm. She had been severely injured by a prescription she had been taking for 6 years. I’m not gonna lie, the process is LONG – but the Driscoll firm makes good on their claims – everything played out pretty close to what they said, and my mother will never have to worry about paying for medical care again.

- Mary W.

The case was handled well and I always felt like I was in good hands. The firm kept me updated as to the status of the case as it went along. I was very content with the outcome of my particular case. Would highly recommend them to handle a legal issue.

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