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Oklahoma Roundup Cancer Lawyers

The Driscoll Firm, LLC represents people who have developed cancer as a result of exposure to Roundup, a weed-killer commonly used in farming, landscaping, and other outdoor use. Our team of product liability attorneys has the experience and resources necessary to take on the powerful corporate interests responsible for Roundup’s widespread use. We will not back down from a fight, nor will we accept anything less than the maximum compensation possible on your behalf. Let our team fight for you, and call us today to find out how we can help.

The glyphosate-based herbicide has been labeled as “probably carcinogenic to humans” by the World Health Organization. Recent cases have generated significant results for plaintiffs. In 2018, a jury ordered Bayer to pay $289 million to a former school groundskeeper who had developed non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. More recently, similar claims have resulted in $2 billion in damages paid to a couple who claimed to have developed cancer from Roundup. Bayer is currently facing thousands of lawsuits related to Roundup. In court, Monsanto has been found to have failed to warn consumers of the health risks their product poses.

If you or a loved one in Oklahoma has often been exposed to Roundup and have developed cancer linked to glyphosate exposure, it is vital to contact an experienced law firm to handle your case. Call the Oklahoma Roundup cancer lawyers of The Driscoll Firm, LLCat 800-900-7704 to set up a no-obligation consultation. There’s no risk to call us, and we won’t collect a single penny from you until we get you compensation. Reach out now and find out how we can help you.

Lawsuits Across the United States

Lawsuits across the country allege wrongdoing on the part of Monsanto. The plaintiffs often claim that Roundup manufacturers have deliberately misled the public about the health risks posed by the pesticides key ingredient, glyphosate. As the most widely used herbicide in the U.S., many individuals have potentially been exposed to the chemical regularly. In just the past few years, juries have taken action by awarding significant punitive damages to victims, beginning to hold Monsanto accountable. Both individual and class action lawsuits are being brought against the company. Also, nations around the world have been banning the use and import of Roundup in recent years. Domestically, cities, counties, and schools have even begun to phase out and ban the herbicide. With the acknowledgment of the dangers posed by Roundup growing, it is essential to continue to hold the manufacturer accountable.

Our Oklahoma product liability lawyers will support you through every step of the legal process, we will explore the connection between roundup and your ailments, negotiate on your behalf to seek the greatest result possible, enlist the help of medical and scientific experts in exploring the cause of your illness, and seek compensation designed to make you whole again.

The Effects of Roundup

Glyphosate, the main ingredient in Roundup has been linked with the development of a variety of serious health issues. The chemical has been noted as contributing to cancer among landscapers, gardeners, farmers, and groundskeepers. Cancers linked to Roundup exposure include leukemia, myeloma, B-cell lymphoma, and non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

Studies have also shown glyphosate to be associated with a wide variety of other conditions including Alzheimer’s, ALS, autism, ADHD, celiac’s disease, depression, diabetes, heart disease, IBS, liver disease, Parkinson’s disease, and more. These conditions may be attributable to numerous factors other than glyphosate exposure. If you believe Roundup has damaged your health, it is essential to seek a professional medical diagnosis and assessment to help determine the cause of your illness.

Roundup poses a risk to Oklahomans, mainly due to the state’s massive agricultural industry. Exposure most commonly occurs when the product is inhaled as it is being applied to plants. It is also possible, though less common, for exposure to occur through contaminated food or water.

Who is affected by the risks posed by Roundup

As the most used herbicide in the United States, many individuals have likely been exposed to Roundup. The individuals most likely to develop health issues related to Roundup are those who work with plants and herbicides regularly, such as, farmers, landscapers, groundskeepers, gardeners, and nursery employees.

However, according to the U.S. Public Interest Research Group, 26 million pounds of Roundup is sprayed on public spaces such as parks, playgrounds, and schools each year, and the non-agricultural use of the herbicide is growing. Furthermore, individuals who live near properties which frequently use of Roundup are at risk of developing health issues. With over 34 million acres of farmland in Oklahoma (over three-fourths of the state’s area), Oklahomans are at particular risk of exposure due to the rural and agricultural nature of the state. People working with plants have been led to believe Roundup is safe for decades; now, as research demonstrates the Herbicide’s danger, workers can seek fair compensation.

Oklahoma Roundup Litigation

Oklahomans have used Roundup in their fields for decades, believing it to be safe. Workers in the agriculture and landscaping industries often have been exposed to glyphosate through Roundup. As tractor and crop dusters spray massive quantities of glyphosate across vast swaths of Oklahoma farmland, not only are farmers exposed to the chemical but their neighbors as well. Our Oklahoma roundup cancer lawsuit attorneys are here to help Oklahomans who believe they have suffered medical issues due to roundup exposure. If you or someone you know works with Roundup or lives close an area of significant Roundup use and have developed related medical problems, you may have a case against Monsanto.

We are proud to serve the following counties and help individuals who’ve developed NHL in:

No matter where you are in Oklahoma, our attorneys will be ready to sit down with you to discuss your case and your right to fair compensation. You could be owed significant compensation if you developed NHL as a result of Roundup exposure, so don’t miss your opportunity to hold the manufacturer accountable and get what you’re owed.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you believe that you’ve developed cancer due to Roundup exposure, it is natural to have questions about your rights and legal options. We’ve provided the answers to a few of these frequently asked questions, and if you have a specific question about your situation, we urge you to call us at 800-900-7704

Can I file a Roundup cancer claim in Oklahoma?

If you or a loved one has been exposed to Roundup frequently and has been diagnosed with cancers such as leukemia, myeloma, and lymphoma, you may be entitled to financial compensation. It is essential to schedule a no-obligation consultation with us, so our experienced Oklahoma product liability attorney can evaluate your case.

If a loved one has died due to Roundup exposure can I seek compensation?

If you faced the great misfortune of losing a loved one to illness related to Roundup exposure, you might be able to file a wrongful death suit to seek damages. Our attorneys can assist you in evaluating the options you have available in seeking just compensation.

Should I file an individual lawsuit or class action case to pursue my claims?

Most pending lawsuits filed against the companies responsible for Roundup exposure are individual cases. However, as the number of cases increases, it is likely that individual cases may be grouped together into Multi-District Litigation (MDL). An MDL consolidates several similar cases into one district court while preserving the details of each case. This allows the claims to move more quickly and efficiently through the legal process while still ensuring that compensation is based on the facts of each case. At The Driscoll Firm, LLC, we have a proven track record of serving our clients in both individual and class action lawsuits and will work with you to determine your best path forward.

Is there a time limit on when I can file a Roundup cancer claim in Oklahoma?

Oklahoma, like most states, has a two-year statute of limitations regarding product liability cases. However, it is vital to know the details of a potential case, since, exceptions to the statute of limitations may exist. To discuss your specific case and situation, contact our firm and schedule a confidential consultation with our team.

Why Choose The Driscoll Firm, LLC?

At The Driscoll Firm, LLC, we have a proven track record of taking on complex cases and delivering results. Throughout the United States, we have covered cases relating to serious personal injury, dangerous products, and pharmaceutical malfeasance.

We are widely recognized as leaders in complex civil litigation. We have taken on large corporations and have prevailed on behalf of our clients. We are prepared to serve you throughout the legal process, giving you exemplary, personalized attention to secure the best possible result. Our experience empowers us to anticipate and overcome the obstacles that may arise during litigation. We will fight tooth and nail to obtain fair compensation on your behalf.

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The Oklahoma Roundup Cancer Lawyers at The Driscoll Firm, LLC know how devastating a cancer diagnosis can be for patients and their loved ones. To discover that a consumer product could have caused the condition can be even more traumatic and difficult to comprehend. Our attorneys have extensive experience handling cases against some of the largest corporations in the country, and we will not back down from a fight. We’ll aggressively seek the maximum compensation possible for your Roundup cancer case.

If you or someone you know has been diagnosed with cancer, and you suspect it was due to Roundup exposure, don’t hesitate to contact an experienced lawyer today. Call us at The Driscoll Firm, LLC at 800-900-7704 to begin your no-obligation consultation, and we will begin evaluating your case.


They called me and my aging father with updates every few weeks. We were part of a class action – they told us upfront that this can take several years to settle. My father and I both appreciated the personal service we received at the Driscoll Firm. Our settlement was more than we ever hoped for, and my father can live out the rest of his days in comfort – thank you Driscoll Firm!

- Ethan T.

My husband and I were skeptical because my mother had already been promised the world by another law firm. She had been severely injured by a prescription she had been taking for 6 years. I’m not gonna lie, the process is LONG – but the Driscoll firm makes good on their claims – everything played out pretty close to what they said, and my mother will never have to worry about paying for medical care again.

- Mary W.

The case was handled well and I always felt like I was in good hands. The firm kept me updated as to the status of the case as it went along. I was very content with the outcome of my particular case. Would highly recommend them to handle a legal issue.

- Sherri T.