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Minnesota Roundup Cancer Lawsuit Attorneys

If you or someone in your family was repeatedly exposed to Roundup weed killer through work and has been diagnosed with non-Hodgkin lymphoma, leukemia, myeloma or another form of cancer, Minnesota cancer lawsuit attorneys The Driscoll Firm, LLC want to talk to you about your legal options. We want to fight for justice against the chemical company Monsanto, makers of Roundup, and help you collect damages caused by this dangerous chemical. We want to get you the fair and reasonable damages you are owed so that you can get the medical care and other compensation you.

Roundup is one of the most popular agricultural chemicals used in the world. Monsanto has always claimed it was harmless to humans but very effective against weeds. As a result, over 4 billion tons of the herbicide has been applied worldwide on crops, gardens, playing fields, and lawns.

The Driscoll Firm, LLC handles the difficult cases of product liability and consumer class action litigation. It is our mission to bring claims against large corporations who make and market products they should know are harmful to their customers and the public.

If you have received a cancer diagnosis that you think may have been caused by workplace exposure to Roundup, we want to set up a free consultation to learn the particulars of your case. Call us today at 800-900-7704. If we take your case, there will be no fees or retainer. We will get our fee when we win your case.

Roundup Exposure in Minnesota

There are over 13,000 Roundup lawsuits filed around the country, and several of them are in Minnesota. Most of the lawsuits do not tackle the issue of whether Roundup definitively caused the plaintiff’s cancer, but rather they allege that Monsanto concealed and misrepresented information to regulators and customers that may have helped people avoid getting sick from the herbicide.

One of the more troubling issues for many Minnesotans is the contamination of drinking water. The headwaters of the Mississippi River curl through central Minnesota, considered to be the cleanest stretch of that river. But more and more forest land adjacent to the river is being lost to development, and irrigation is increasing. This means more and more agricultural chemicals are finding their way into the river and its tributaries. The Mississippi River supplies 15 million people with drinking water. The people of Minnesota are proud of their river and the pristine environment surrounding it. Increasingly, however, the river is under threat from development, farming practices, and other factors.

How Does Roundup Exposure Cause Cancer?

Monsanto’s marketing of Roundup is based upon the fact it only kills weeds because other crops and plants are genetically modified to be Roundup-resistant. And Monsanto has always maintained the herbicide was not harmful to humans. This is important because the net effect of these two claims was that farmers, agricultural workers, and gardeners applied Roundup liberally and did not wear protective clothing when doing so.

Roundup main ingredient is glyphosate. It was developed in the early 1970s and was immediately popular because it worked so well on weeds but did not kill cash crops, leading to bigger yields. Roundup was also popular with other growers, like landscapers and gardeners, because it was very effective against weeds and made weeding unnecessary. The herbicide did not appear to carry any downside risk to the health of humans exposed to it.

However, several observers were suspicious of the claims that glyphosate is harmless to humans, and, in particular, they were aware that some of the other chemicals in various formulations of Roundup were known carcinogens. Monsanto was effective at deflecting evaluations of one of their most popular products, and the public was kept in the dark.

However, in 2015, the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) studied five commonly used pesticides to determine if there was any risk of cancer from exposure. One of them was glyphosate. Glyphosate causes an amino acid deficiency in weeds that kills them. The IARC researchers found that the same amino acid deficiency can also kill bacteria in the human gut. These bacteria are essential to human digestion and the absorption of nutrients. This was the link to cancers such as non-Hodgkin lymphoma and related cancers, as well as celiac disease, a rare metabolic disorder characterized by the inability to digest gluten.

Once this causation was scientifically proven, Monsanto’s blanket claim that humans were not harmed by exposure to Roundup proved to be false. Now the courts could get involved, and many lawsuits were filed. During the discovery process for these lawsuits, documents were revealed that proved Monsanto was well aware of the potential harm of the herbicide. The company required that employees wear full protective gear when working with Roundup while not providing warning labels about wearing protective gear to their customers.

Why You Need a Roundup Cancer Lawyer in Minnesota

Non-Hodgkin lymphoma and related cancers are painful, require expensive treatment, and are fatal about one-third of the time. After three successful plaintiffs’ verdicts, all with high damage awards, Monsanto will fight every lawsuit very hard. They have too to survive. You need someone to fight even harder for you to win your case.

If you live in Minnesota and have been diagnosed with non-Hodgkin lymphoma or other related cancer like leukemia or myeloma after significant exposure to Roundup, we want to file a claim against Monsanto and their insurance company to recover damages you are owed. We have extensive experience with product liability cases in Minnesota and federal court. We know the law, we know how to use research to discover what Monsanto did and why, and we will depose the company’s management team and other relevant employees who manufactured and marketed the herbicide. We will also handle all communications and negotiations with the defendants.

What Compensation Might I Be Owed for My Roundup Claim?

Companies that manufacture and market products to the public have a duty of care to their customers. They must have the products tested and if they are found to be harmful if not used properly, inform the public about it. Corporations cannot put profit before potential harm to their customers and the general public. If they do, and we can prove so, they must be held legally liable and compensate any victims of their greed.

The damages you may collect could include:

  • All current and future medical bills related to treatment for Roundup exposure.
  • Lost wages from work.
  • Loss of future income and earnings.
  • Travel expenses for medical visits and treatment
  • Compensation for pain, suffering, and mental anguish from your cancer.

It is also possible you may be awarded punitive damages if the court decides Monsanto acted recklessly, and without regard for the lives of those exposed to Roundup.

How Our Minnesota Roundup Lawyers Can Help

Roundup is one of the most widely used agricultural chemicals in the world. As many people are diagnosed with non-Hodgkin lymphoma and become aware of the risks of exposure to the herbicide, they are seeking legal redress. There are more and more people just like you who want to sue Monsanto for Roundup-related damages.

The Driscoll Firm, LLC has already spoken to several people in Minnesota who were diagnosed with cancer after significant exposure to Roundup. We must evaluate every case carefully to determine if it is eligible for filing a lawsuit and to accurately determine if it is likely to be successful in court. One crucial decision is which venue is more appropriate for your case, state or federal court? Which venue is more likely to result in a successful verdict and appropriate damages? It is one of the most important decisions in any lawsuit.

If you have cancer that you believe is related to Roundup exposure, you are in a very vulnerable place and The Driscoll Firm, LLC know it. If we take your case, we will communicate regularly all the crucial details and decision related to your lawsuit. One of the first tasks is to develop a robust and provable claim that will maximize any damages when we prove it in court. We will select the most knowledgeable and experienced expert witnesses in the scientific and medical communities to put on the stand to help make your case. Many cases are settled out of court, and we are fully prepared to negotiate in your best interests with the defendants. However, if they do no make a fair and reasonable off of damages, we will take them to court. And we will win.

The American civil litigation system is for exactly this type of case. You were harmed by a corporation who figured they could get away with it, which they did for decades. But now the tide is turning, and they have to take responsibility for what they did. You will have your day in court, a forum for you to show the harm that has been done to you and gets compensated for it, despite the army of lawyers lined up against you. The Driscoll Firm, LLC will be with you every step of the way.

Be sure to contact The Driscoll Firm, LLC at 800-900-7704 to speak with one of our Minnesota Roundup lawyers today. Our consultations are always 100% free, and we won’t charge you anything until we win compensation for you.


They called me and my aging father with updates every few weeks. We were part of a class action – they told us upfront that this can take several years to settle. My father and I both appreciated the personal service we received at the Driscoll Firm. Our settlement was more than we ever hoped for, and my father can live out the rest of his days in comfort – thank you Driscoll Firm!

- Ethan T.

My husband and I were skeptical because my mother had already been promised the world by another law firm. She had been severely injured by a prescription she had been taking for 6 years. I’m not gonna lie, the process is LONG – but the Driscoll firm makes good on their claims – everything played out pretty close to what they said, and my mother will never have to worry about paying for medical care again.

- Mary W.

The case was handled well and I always felt like I was in good hands. The firm kept me updated as to the status of the case as it went along. I was very content with the outcome of my particular case. Would highly recommend them to handle a legal issue.

- Sherri T.